We support the New JACC because it will create much needed quality affordable venues for Juneau’s vibrant arts community, be a primarily privately-funded economic catalyst for our city and provide a valued year-round multi-use facility for Juneau and Alaska – a legacy for all our children and grandchildren.

Every effort has been made to list all individuals and businesses that have lent their names in support of the New JACC, and we apologize for any omissions or errors. Please contact rachelle@jahc.org to have your name added or removed — or with additional information about this listing.


  • Northern Lights Junior Theater
    Diane Andresen
    Willie Anderson
    Mary Ellen Arvold and Dave Haas
    Renée Guerin
    Jim Barron
    Vicki Bassett and Eric Olsen
    Dan Beason
    Koren Bosworth
    Brotherton-Majoros Family
    Alison Browne
    Linda Buckley
    Vicki Campbell
    Jim and Susan Clark
    Susan Condon
    Tamara and Greg Cook
    Susan Cox and Tom Nave
    Gail Dahl
    Hal Geiger and Sigrid Dahlberg
    Jackie Damon
    Bobby Lee Daniels
    Nancy Davis and Joe Newman
    Sybil Davis and Ken DeRoux
    Diane and Paul DeSloover
    Jean Findley
    Sandy and Gerald Fiscus
    Laura Fleming and Fred Fisher
    Steve and Ursula Gahler
    Gardinier Family
    Janice L Gray
    Suzanne Haight
    Eve Reckley
    Tony Sholty
    Arland and Bina Harris
    Dennis Harris
    John Hartle and Clare Pavia
    Susan Haymes and MK MacNaughton
    Jeanie and Pat Henry
    Mary Hicks and Kristen Bomengen
    Marilyn Holmes
    Thad Hopper and Lynn Meyers
    Sarah Isto and Gordon Harrison
    Michael Jacobson
    Heather Johnson-Smith
    LaRae and Loren Jones
    Matt Rogers & Iris Matthews
    Sue Kazama
    Judy Knight
    Micky and Gordon Kruse
    Janet Kussart
    Marta Lastufka and Ambrose Bucy
    Nora Laughlin
    LouAnn Gagne and Terri Lauterbach
    Keith and Jan Levy
    Gina Spartz
    Richard Listowski
    Lesley Lyman
    Joy and Richard Lyon
    Ron and Kathy Maas
    J. Allan and Margaret MacKinnon
    Judy Macnak and Glen Ray
    Madden Associates
    Wendie Marriott
    Linda McCargar and George Partlow
    Mary Alice McKeen and David Ottoson
    Marcia and Craig McKenzie
    Tim and Gerianne McLeod
    Luann McVey
    Ms. Kathleen Metcalfe
    Mac and Ann Metcalfe
    Mark Millard
    Linda Miller
    Roman Motyka
    Julie and Peter Neyhart
    Sue Ann and Sandy Oliphant
    Dana Owen
    Suzanne Malter and Steve Parker
    Art Petersen and Tina Pasteris
    Barbara Pavitt
    Sheila & Leonard Peterson
    Rich and Margaret Poor
    Jack Poulson
    Terrance J. Quinn and Alavini Lata
    Ann Rabinowitz
    Carl and Heather Ramseth
    Steven Rasmussen
    George and Debbie Reifenstein
    Salmon Creek Medical Clinic
    Teri and Matt Robus
    Andrew and Lauren Smoker
    Gail and Chris Roust
    Alan Davis and Didi Ryall
    Sandy Samaniego
    Elisabeth Saya
    Elaine and Bob Schroeder
    Adrienne Scott
    Judy and Verne Skagerberg
    Justin Smith
    Cindy Spanyers and Ed Flanagan
    Mary Lou Spartz
    Patricia Spence
    Jeanette St. George
    Sondra Stanway and Tom Lane
    MJ Grande and Michael Stark
    Stephanie Hoag and John Staub
    Valerie and Mike Stearns
    Lynne Stevens
    Cindy and Dave Audet
    Anni Stokes
    Reed Stoops and Betsy Brenneman
    Theresa Svancara and Jeff Sauer
    Ann Symons
    Gayle and Sam Trivette
    Constance Trollan
    Bob and Chris Urata
    Jan and Robert Van Slyke
    Catherine Wilkins
    Mary F. Willson
    Kathi Wineman
    Wendy Wolf and John Osborne
    Dawn Wolfe and Bob Janes
    Ardyne Womack
    Steve Nelson
    Tom Melville
    Alaska Airlines
    Alaska Litho
    Kes Woodward
    Baxter Bruce & Sullivan PC
    Judy and Jay Crondahl
    Peggy MacDonald Ferguson
    Faulkner Banfield, PC
    Carol Dejka
    Jo Ann and David Lesh
    Tamar Green
    June and Bill Rogers
    Carol May
    JoAnn Grady and Daniel DeRoux
    CA Bowman
    Susan Andrews
    Peggy and Rich Mattson
    Jenifer Shapland and Martha Murray
    Jacqueline Dailey and Kenneth Cesar
    Toni-Jo and Jim Dalman
    Micheal and Rebecca Orford
    Deborah Holbrook
    Southeast Copy Supply
    Jane Terzis and Doug Larson
    Shari and Hugh Grant
    Harri Plumbing & Heating
    Anne and Ken Post
    Specialty Imports
    Carol Ende
    Justine Bishop
    Chas Dense
    Alaska Youth Choir
    Bruce and Raydene Garrison
    Carol Prentice and Robin Walz
    Jill Geering and John Matheson
    Beth Kerttula and Jim Powell
    Margaret Dowling and Jim Thompson
    Donald Kussart
    Lorrie Heagy
    Doug Sanvik and Martina Kallenberger
    Stacie Kraley
    Dixie Belcher
    Cynthia Pring-Ham
    Beck Ingalls Family
    Sioux and Paul Douglas
    Deborah Marshall
    Frankie Pillifant and Odin Brudie
    Pam Halloran
    Merry Ellefson and Wayne Carnes
    Amy Skilbred and Eric Jorgensen
    Joyce Sarles
    Nanci and Andy Spear
    Luann and Tim Powers
    Mary Miller
    Beverly Ingram and Steve Wolf
    Clint Farr
    Gabrielle Vance
    Nancy Eiler
    Sherry Tamone
    Samantha Brown
    Patricia Ware & George Buhite
    Victor and Lee Carlson
    Jim Powell
    The DeCherney Family
    Bob Hamilton
    Ken and Charlotte Truitt
    Susan Pollard
    Lupita and Bruce Botelho
    Sherri von Wolfe
    Dr. Amy Dressel
    Daniel and Wendy Glidmann
    Shelly Wright
    William Todd Hunt
    Ted and Lucy Merrell
    Mary Lou and Charles Gerbi
    Mary-Claire Harris
    Nancy and Andy Hemenway
    Brian and Kathryn Erickson
    Sandy Harris
    Ric Iannolino
    Mary McCafferty
    Race – Arness Family
    Paula Sutton
    Dianne Anderson and Mark Vinsel
    Virginia Palmer
    Mary Pat Schilly and John Sisk
    Karen Beason
    Katie and Bill Corbus
    Donna M. Knight-Staton
    Shauna McMahon
    Aja Razumny
    Eileen Wagner
    John and Dawn Walsh
    Kirsten Waid
    Joyce Thoresen
    Debi Ballam and Mark Schwan
    Geron Bruce
    Dale McFarlin
    Joseph and Terry Mueller
    Brenda Krauss
    Teresa Busch
    Triangle Bar
    Cory Mann
    Cindy Boesser
    Colleen and Steve Torrence
    Ray Troll
    Cachet Garrett
    Al and Kristin Price
    Laurie Sica
    Michelle Bonnet Hale
    Rainforest Pediatric Care
    Margo Waring
    Jim and Mary Lou King
    Eileen Keirri
    Phyllis Carlson
    Ronalda Cadiente Brown
    David and Kristen Miller
    Coeur Alaska
    Lynn and R.T. Wallen
    Haight & Associates, Inc.
    Nate Haddock and Nandi Than
    Hali Denton
    Sandy Burd
    Doug Weaver
    Tom Paul and Janice Caulfield
    Allan G. Schlicht, MD
    Pilar Scott
    Jon Hays
    John and Heidi Boucher
    Jay Query
    Angela Lunda
    Emily Klimek
    Michelle Drummond
    Cindy and John Gaguine
    Suzanne Ainsworth
    Juneau Community Foundation
    Jeff Wright, Juneau Limousine
    Patty and John George
    Michelle Kissling and Steve Lewis
    Paul Shapiro
    Leora Houtary
    Barbara Learmonth
    Cheri Zepp
    Al and Leslie Holzman
    Mukhya Khalsa
    Diana Rossmiller and Michael New
    Jim Thompson
    Sally Saddler-Teal
    Malin Babcock
    Ardiana Botelho
    Karen Bonnett-Petersen
    Kathy Hamblett
    Cherry Eckland
    Ray Watkins
    Karen Lawfer
    Alaska Seaplanes
    Sealaska Corporation
    Sally Hand
    Irene Morris
    Ray Imel
    David and DJ Thomson
    Mike and Kym Mauseth
    Laura Miko
    Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Board of Directors
    Debra Arthur-Wilkinson
    Susan and Jeff Sloss
    Joe Carlson
    Merrill Jensen
    Frank and Janie Homan
    Roblin and Elizabeth Davis
    Mark Kelley Photography
    Deanna Lampe
    Art Matters
    Annie Geselle
    Sarah Campen
    Haley Nelson
    Averyl Veliz
    Geoff Kirsch
    Mary Riggen
    Logan Tax LLC
    Sherrie Chrysler and Dale Lanegan
    Pastors Mark and Tillia Everett
    Charles Ward
    Anthony and Mandy Mallott
    Ricky Deising
    Rebecca Gaguine
    Sandy and Luke Fortier
    Dean and Kathleen Graber and Family
    Lars Johnson
    Amy Bibb
    IBEW Local 1547
    David Hurley
    Lyndsey Zeller
    Kari Groven
    Jeff Brown
    Karen Crane and Dan Fruits
    Jim Simard and Shar Fox
    John and Laura Haywood
    Eric Kueffner
    Pua Maunu
    Mary Watson
    Jetta Whittaker
    Brenda Wright and Jim Noel
    Rick and Annie Caulfield
    Kim Garnero and Dan Rounsley
    Kim Smith
    Tom and Cindy Stadt
    Neal Foster
    John Kern and Susetta Beattie
    Michael and Carol Kell
    Jerry Nankervis
    Pamela Garcia
    Sandi Hicks
    Claire Suzanne Geldhof
    Hangar on the Wharf
    Alexander Dolitsky
    Jeremy Pataky
    Barbara Belknap
    Sara Bornstein
    The Hopes
    Amy O’Neil Houck
    Rebecca Dierking
    John Kelly
    Jerry Smetzer
    Dave and Valerie Ringle
    Jackie Schulz
    Miah Lager
    Deb Etheridge
    Anna Latham
    Julie Hamilton
    Kathy Fanning
    Suzi Lowell
    Christina Della Rosa
    Kathleen Light
    Behrends Mechanical
    Janna Lelchuk
    Marsha Squires
    Kathy Hocker
    Chris and Martin Niemi
    Jon and Anne Kurland
    Julie Kristin North
    Annie Calkins and Dave Hunsaker
    Kris Benson
    Kathy Kartchner
    Mason Bryant
    Ethel Smith
    Barbara Potter
    Gourmet Alaska
    Kelly and Mary Tonsmeire
    Celinda Lake
    Alan and Manamaya Akiyama
    Tom, Eva, Sara, and Sam Bornstein
    Harriet T. Botelho
    Robert Bowles
    Shirley Campbell
    Annie and Bud Carpeneti
    Nancy Collinsworth
    Cathy Connor and Rod Flynn
    Marie Darlin
    Kent and Jenny Dawson
    Lynette Ensor
    Kathleen Gamble
    A.J. and Jessica Gharrett
    Marla Berg and John Greely
    Susi and Jim Fowler
    Tyler and Shannon Gress
    Maren Haavig
    Jack and Molly Hodges
    Kimberly Homme
    Dr. Emily Kane
    Silvia Kidd and Bob Piorkowski
    Bob King and Sally Schlichting
    KJ and Peggy Metcalf
    Mark and Esther Millea
    Tracey Miller and Van Sundberg
    Karen Mitchell
    Jean Overstreet
    John Pivar and Bonita Rohla
    John and Margaret Pugh
    Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn & Garden Spa
    Linda and Paul Rosenthal
    Rothaus – Stanley Family
    Phil and Deborah Smith
    Terry Tavel
    Therese Thibodeau
    Alex and Peggy Wertheimer
    Juneau Real Estate
    Avista Foundation
    Goldstein Improvement Company
    Larry and Sue Cotter
    Tom Meyer
    Christy Ciambor
    John and Marian Clough
    Doug and Nancy Courtney
    Eric Forrer
    Southeast Radiation Oncology
    David Fisk and Jennifer Davey
    Joann Eng and Dan Hellinger
    Terry Cramer
    Bruce and Catherine Johnson
    Linda Kruger
    Barbara and Craig Lindh
    Elfrida Nord
    Art Peterson
    Sally Smith
    Mimi Boochever Mendenica
    William Ray
    Michael Hutter
    Randy and Julie Oppenheimer
    Michael Wittig
    Connie Hulbert
    Beth Weldon
    Karen & Bob Rehfeld
    Patricia Hull
    Ricker Real Estate Consulting
    Donna Walker
    Catherine Buley
    Daryle Hamlin
    Merry Gilbertson and Larry Frank
    Molly Rogers
    Inge Aldersebaes and Tim Speath
    Janet Eckholm
    Nila Treston
    Mary Kay Havens
    Janis Burns
    NorthWind Architects
    Kristine Pflugh
    Chris Hagerman
    Casey Munro-Chitty
    Alexandra Raymond
    Laura Klinger
    Tim Wilson
    Mindy Roberts
    Kevin Higgins
    Lori Roland
    Jenna Guenther
    Kevin Siwicke
    Morgan Michels
    Robert and Janell Mountcastle
    Erin and Andrew Heist
    Robin Lampman
    Molly McCormick
    Jennifer Ward
    Ann Turner Olson and Marlyn Olson
    Terry Toon
    Frances Roberts
    Colin Peacock
    Sue Trivette
    Linda Cryan
    Deena McDougal
    Lisa Wright
    Valerie Kelton
    Sarah Lowell
    Joe and Corine Geldhof
    Kate Troll
    Virginia Stonkus
    Susan and Gerald Kuells
    Judith Maier
    Aliza Kazmi
    Deborah Craig
    Nathan Schroeder
    Eve Schroeder
    Elanor Watts
    Barb and Ron Kreher
    Sudie Burnham
    Xentropa Services
    Jeanne Murray
    Megan Gregory
    Rachelle Bonnett
    Michelle Ridgway
    Miranda McCarty
    Joan Brown
    Kate Hudson
    Bruce and Judith Morley
    Desmona Stevik
    Joyanne Bloom
    Bud Curtis
    Nikki Love
    David Love
    Mark Everett
    Michael Cheung
    Nick Ahrens
    Kristin Garot
    Leon and Cameron Vance
    Johanna Smith
    Tom and Anitra Waldo
    Christian Kienholz
    Jan Beauchamp
    Steve and Rita Gray
    Krista Jacoby
    Laurie Gasparek
    Tamiko Duncan
    Karlin Davis
    Kim Hort
    Susie Frenzel
    Jeanette Purcell
    Brenda Edward
    Jennifer Lindley
    Jennifer Huntley
    Emily Thompson
    Deniece Smith
    Jacque Farnsworth
    Lindsey Burnet
    Josie Beck
    Stacie Storrs
    Heather Mitchell
    Morgan Ramseth
    Dawn Dulebohn
    Stacy Sedgwick
    Charlie Vice
    Randolph Burton
    Barbara Mitchell
    Sarah Mesn
    Cam Byrnes
    Sara Cole
    Shannon Easterly
    John Wilson
    Eric Scott
    Debra O’Gara
    Anna Taylor
    Jessica Snyder
    Anne Weske
    Olga Fitter
    Kimberly Smith
    Tielor Danielson
    Beth Dwyer
    Mike Dwyer
    Eva Varadi
    Sherry Lanz
    Mikhail Blikshteyn
    Margeaux and Dirk Ljungberg
    Allison Holtkamp
    Marsha Buck
    Dianne Bigge
    Robert Barker
    Gail Sieberts
    The Narrows
    Joe Nelson
    Ron Kotyk
    Fred Lenz-Felkl
    Zara Khan
    Britta Tonnessy
    Robert Vicario
    Sam Bornstein
    Kaley Hoyle
    Annissa Coleman
    Beverly Schoonover
    Darla Madden
    Maren Brantner
    Stephen Gasche
    Joe Jackson
    Isabel Lee
    Betsy Sims
    Collette Costa
    Nina Kinney
    Andrew Engstrom
    Kathryn L. Toth
    Marc Ramonda
    Jocelyn Miles
    Suzanne Brenton
    Lisa Phu
    Rebecca Daniels
    Sheri Phelps
    Janet Palmer
    Mary Szczepanski
    Mary Micco
    Anne Beaudreu and Chris Sergeant
    Lise Paradis
    Tiffany Mahle
    Meghan and Lucas Chambers
    Sherry Taber
    Hannah Cassell
    Susan Hargis
    Amanda Filori
    Nancy Skeenyaatlaa
    Pam Credo-Hayes
    Michelle Gray
    Crystal Cudworth
    Holly J Churchill
    Hazel Reynolds
    Melanie White
    Jamie McLean and Jack Cannon
    Mike and Merry Vediner
    Ritchie Dorrier & Joel Bennett
    Morgen Smith
    Sarah Longenbaugh
    Lindsey Bloom
    Steph Hight
    Nicholas and Shannon Adamson
    Jennifer Krick
    Corinne Conlon
    Mary Catherine Martin
    Pauline Plumb
    Catherine Smith
    Rosemary Mill
    Mary Gianotti
    Patrick Kearney
    Clinton Daniels
    Danea Burns
    Karleen John
    Katherine Hope
    Chase Acuff
    Renae Raskovich
    Carol Seris
    Sandy Samaniego
    Pam Robinson
    James Mounts
    Kandi Claassen
    Juan Guevara
    Debbie Palmer
    Richard Stokes
    Sylvia Madaras
    Robert Shoemaker
    Pat Eggers
    C. Ian Fisk
    Chad Brown
    Pam and Dave Marquez
    Rebecca VanDeWater
    Sam and Silvana Jordan
    Anne Stadnychenko
    Alan Plotnick
    Annika Pearson
    Nancy Hardman
    Madison Schumaker
    Timothy Heiler
    Darlene Wilson
    Judy Frega
    Emily Sheakley
    Julia Smith-Kibby
    Benjamin Brown and Nicholas DeHart
    Flo Tong
    Janna Brewster
    Shannon Self
    Aileen Funk
    Amy Jensen
    Shayna Rohwer
    Linda Nicklin
    Rosie Slotnick
    Joy Bjork
    Joyce Payne
    Owen Miller
    Dave and Christine Lewis
    Kaitlin Murray
    Martina Miller
    Meg Buck
    Eleanor Burgess
    Shelby Carroll
    Brett Cole
    Phyllis Stauffer
    Lisa Tourtellot
    Cori Olson
    Cyd DeRocher
    Kathy Lawrence
    Darrin Kelly
    Jessica Richmond
    Craig Carlson
    Erin Ahrens
    Halie Riggs
    Madi Grimes
    Marco Banda
    Daniel Piazza
    Matt Siebert
    Don and Chris Thomas
    Julia Millar
    Kyle Brownlee
    Ward Lamb
    Sharon Cannon
    John and Kristen Stearns
    Mildred Ryan
    Kerri Tanner
    Melissa Griffiths
    Ami Cooper
    Robin Niemann
    Gretchen Pikul
    Gina and Galen Heffern
    Angel and Gerald Weston
    Marianne Mills
    Emily Lang
    Anita Evans
    Paula Kalbrener
    Laura Achee
    Vidy Murthy
    Sarah Aavedal
    Cindy Quisenberry
    Kyle McRae
    Shawna Hessee
    Lindsay Clark
    Roderick Morgan
    Marty Dean
    Elisa Gayton
    Jenn Lanz
    Tristan Sebens
    Mary Lou Grant
    Henry Kent
    Tony Don
    Tim Quigley Petersen
    Kari and Aaron Natwick
    Lawson Narr Lair
    Brad Kizer
    Michael Shaw
    Kelsey Erickson-Kizer
    Selena Beierly
    Maria Abbott
    Lydia Luchini
    Elizabeth Dahl
    Doug and Anne Standerwick
    Lisa Arehart
    Jada Kahl
    Neil Kahl
    Mitch Schumacher
    Bobbie Jo Skebo
    Krista Garrett
    Brittany Vanderwett
    Erin Harrington
    Jen and Steve Lium
    Carleen Mitchell
    Barbara Miranda
    Tim Lazar
    Amy Youmans
    Allison Hanzawa
    Richard Radford
    Tara Kovach
    Karen White
    Patrick Hoke
    Marie Ahrens
    Amy Rodman
    Tiffany Hatchett
    Poopathi Manickam
    Gil Burnet
    Effie Razpotnik
    Katie Follett
    Krish Follett
    Brian and Erica Browitt
    Fred Thorstenson
    Geri Fudge
    Suzanna Lessard
    Diana Vincent
    Sarah Nierra
    Kierke A. Kussart
    Regan Tweedy
    Karla Maio
    Roberta Bruce
    Heidi Klein
    Kelly Niemann
    Lauren and Ryan Beason
    Dawna Raidmae
    Russell Hobson
    Caleb Wylie
    Amanda Musher
    Merrilee A. Mosher
    Anne Sutton and Gordon Sandy
    Richard Carpeneti
    Chrystal Sommers Brand
    Brian Curtis
    Abijah Dixon
    Marlene Dulier
    Darrin Kelly
    Nona Dimond
    Latarsha McQueen
    Joel Curtis
    Iver Nore
    Stephen Merli
    Pauline Lloyd
    Jacob Zinn
    Carol Brown
    Alaskan Harmony
    Annie Janes
    Annie Gardner
    Roald Simonson
    Gaby Hebert
    Emma Luck
    Rick Edwards
    John Hudson
    Brandon Hauser
    Judy Hickey
    Susan Wyne
    Clint and Jen Talley
    Brad Brinkman
    Sara Dallas
    Brooke Daly
    Tiffany Schmidt
    Laura Steele
    Max Goldrich
    Mary Marks
    Erin Hand
    Mary Manning
    Shelagh Sands
    Alison and Paul Marks
    Lupita Alvarez
    Patti Hutchens Jouppi
    Giovanna Campagnolo
    Michaela Moore
    Christopher Pierce
    Colton Welch
    Aria Moore
    Andrew Daoust
    Kirk Hardcastle
    Mary Richey
    Mary Diven
    Elizabeth Hanson
    Shari Paul
    Eric Carver
    Adele Davis
    Robin Domin
    Joanne Conn
    Pat Pitney
    Dani Evenson
    Britten Burkhouse
    Mark Ryan
    Joanne Ryan
    Maureen Morris
    Gayle Handley
    Ellen Dore
    Alicia Hughes-Skandijs
    Kendra Kloster
    Brant Oliphant
    Kristeen and George Gress
    Paula Smedley
    Bianca Carpeneti
    Eric Erickson
    Loran Zinn
    Julie Sanbei
    Ashley Heimbigner
    Todd Mace
    Elizabeth Spence
    Molly Conley
    Tricia Collins
    Sandy Williams
    Ulla Pedersen
    Megan Ryder
    Jason Cook
    Tyra Smith
    Jennifer Heidersdorf
    Jack Kreinheder
    Richard Carter
    Heather LaVerne
    Julia O’Connor
    Evgenia Golofeeva
    Monika and Jesse Walker
    Sarah Wallace
    Kristin McTague
    Alexa Tonkovich
    Kimberly Savland
    Sarah Moore
    Hollis Kitchin
    Greg Ordner
    Jill Sullivan
    Ellen Doig
    Shelly Horton
    Tesla Cox
    Erin Laughlin
    Gabriella Abreu
    Wendi Siebold
    Claire Fordyce
    Nancy Groethe
    Jessica Lombard
    Justin Parish
    Paula Hubert
    Callie Conerton
    Acacia Poulson-Edwards
    Maurice Sandy
    Donald Beard
    Britteny Cioni-Haywood
    Jeff Thole
    Rob Clark
    Oscar Crook
    Julia Caulfield
    Marion Gotschall
    Colleen and Russell Shivers
    Marion Casey
    Maureen Moore
    Steve Allwine II
    John and Laura Doogan
    Jodi Hastings
    Caroline Shivers
    Lori Ortiz
    Sharon and Lewis Doucel
    Mary Canapary
    Brenda Bowers
    Ernestine Hanlon Abel
    Marie Kearse
    Ellen Canapary
    Marilyn Doyle
    Michael Brooks
    Martha Penrose
    Phyllis Rasmussen
    Matthew Claman
    Doug Pegues
    Robert Rogers
    Hanna Stickel
    Catherine Foule
    Deb Spencer
    Keith Heller
    Bart Watson
    Greg McLaughlin
    Vicki Bender
    Bonnie Elder
    Lisa Lindeman
    Ibn Bailey
    Brian Hood
    Cindy Hartmann Moore
    Joan York and Family
    Scott and Marilyn McCall
    Doug and Lynda Boose
    Jerry and Lynn Cox
    William Morris
    Gary Waid
    Judy Cooper
    Bradelle Padon
    Michael Stehlin and Family
    Earl Whitt
    June Degnan
    Nola Lamken
    Emily Laskin
    Stacy Katasse
    Jacqueline Martin
    Harold Martin
    Myra Gilliam
    Nico and Susan Bus
    Allison McSwain
    Phoenix Johnson
    Heather Coulehan
    Don Larsen
    Sandra Borbridge
    Sandi Pahlke
    Melvin Ward
    Jackie Pata
    Judith Mason
    Chris Cairns
    Kathy Miller
    Lee Coleman
    James Houck
    Peter Anderson
    Michael Hills
    Nels Olson
    Nancy Simpson
    Peter Slatin
    Diane Mayer
    Laura Stats
    Cameron Young
    Ben Coronell
    Madeline Morris
    Paula Smith
    Greg Mitchell
    Nazune Menka
    Julie Willoughby
    Zuill Bailey
    Lena Lee
    Carmen McCarthy
    Eleanor Cary
    Kordel Thompson
    Jenny McBride
    Mark Luchini
    Elizabeth Walatka
    Midgi Moore
    Rachel Stephens
    Ryan Stephens
    Peggy Petropulos
    James Petropulos
    Freddy Cummins
    Norma Steele
    Marisha Bourgeois
    Bobbie Meszaros
    Maria Nilson
    Robin Park
    Weston Eiler
    Michael Hemenway
    Tricia Hardy
    Josh Orien
    Jennifer Garrett
    Omar Cordes
    Christine Leghorn
    Barbara Schaffer
    Carlton Heine
    Stephanie Knusdon
    Geran Tarr
    Corin Hughes-Skandijs
    Karson Coutre
    Grace Lee
    Rick Comins
    Lisa Fisher
    Debra Kemp
    Micaela Fowler
    Martha DeFreest
    Simon Taylor
    David Moorehead
    Shawna Hessee
    Jerry and Robin Bowe Schaffer
    Robert Marshall
    Liesl Bland
    Liz Snyder
    Lacey Davis
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation Employee Giving Program
    Tim Powers
    Elizabeth and Richard Bochynski
    Page Else
    Allena Valentine
    Andrea and David Wood
    Bart and Julie Koehler
    The Haygood Family
    Ladd Coates
    Mike Race
    Susan McDonough
    Daniel Kiefer
    Sander Schijvens
    Tod Fiscus
    Rob and Sandra Edwardson
    Karen Carey
    Mary Jane Shows
    David and Mara Sheakley-Early
    Joshua Reyes
    Jim Noel
    Caryl Seres
    Jamal Moss
    Maggie Drapeaux
    E.K. and S.W. Bennett
    Megan McPhee
    Tayma McClain
    ArtPlace America
    Beth Leban
    Jennifer LaRoe
    Rose Rice
    Lukas Hutchinson
    Teonna A. Wilkinson
    J. Gregory Williams
    Elizabeth Kell
    Alan DeCherney
    Kimberly Maxwell
    Jane Mores
    Judy Brakel and Gregory Streveler
    Robert and Rita Moore
    Christine and Jeff Wray
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