Government (Local & Federal)







Alaska Community Foundation, Marquez Family Fund
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Francis and Christine Martin Family Foundation
Paul G. Allen Foundation
The Escamilla Family, the Klein Trust

Small Businesses

Gallery Art & Framing
Madden Associates
Alaska Litho
Alaskan Brewing Company
Baxter Bruce & Sullivan PC
TLC Travel
Silverbow Inn
The Highlands Bed & Breakfast
Allen Marine Tours
Triangle Bar
Alaska Vision Center
Rainforest Pediatric Care
Haight & Associates, Inc.
Alaska Seaplanes
Juneau Arts & Humanities Council
Logan Tax LLC
Hangar on the Wharf
Above and Beyond Alaska
Bauer/Clifton Interiors
A Dance of Hands Massage
Behrends Mechanical
Northern Oasis Wellness Spa
Elgee Rehfeld, LLC
Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn & Garden Spa
Goldstein Improvement Company
Southeast Radiation Oncology
NorthWind Architects
Xentropa Services
The Narrows
Cornerstone General Contractors Inc.
Forno Rosso LLC
Devils Club Brewing Company


Diane Andresen
Mary Ellen Arvold and Dave Haas
Milt Barker
Kaye Kanne and Bob Bartholomew
Vicki Bassett and Eric Olsen
Pat Bock
Alison Browne
Linda Buckley
Vicki Campbell
Jim and Susan Clark
Barbara Sheinberg and Norman Cohen
Tamara and Greg Cook
Peggy and Lou Corazza
Susan Cox and Tom Nave
Gail Dahl
Hal Geiger and Sigrid Dahlberg
Nancy Davis and Joe Newman
Sharon and Bruce Denton
Diane and Paul DeSloover
Karen and Paul Dillon
John Dunker and Amy Paige
Judy and Gregg Erickson
Laura Fleming and Fred Fisher
In Memory of Jay Ginter
Dawn Findley-Groves
Rosemary and Clark Gruening
Arland and Bina Harris
Susan Haymes and MK MacNaughton
Katie and Karl Bausler
Bob Engelbrecht
Marilyn Holmes
Thad Hopper & Lynn Meyers
Greg Huebschen
Donald & Patricia Ingledue
Sarah Isto and Gordon Harrison
Loren and LaRae Jones
Dan and Lorinda Kassner
Sue and Tom Koester
Janet and Donald Kussart
Marta Lastufka and Ambrose Bucy
Nancy Waterman and William Leighty
Keith and Jan Levy
Marshall and Lois Lind
Gina Spartz
Bob Banghart and Laura Lucas
Ron and Kathy Maas
J. Allan and Margaret MacKinnon
Linda McCargar and George Partlow
Marcia and Craig McKenzie
Tim and Gerianne McLeod
The McPhetres Family
Luann McVey
Mr. & Mrs. Merrell
Bev & Ernie Mueller
Connie and Alan Munro
Bonita Nelson and Ron Heintz
Julie and Peter Neyhart
Suzanne Malter and Steve Parker
Art Petersen and Tina Pasteris
Barbara Pavitt
Sheila & Leonard Peterson
Richard and Margaret Poor
Terrance J. Quinn and Alavini Lata
Ann Rabinowitz
Steven Rasmussen
George and Debbie Reifenstein
Teri and Matt Robus
Kathy Ruddy
Sally and Frank Rue
Elaine and Bob Schroeder
Bridget Smith and Jim Asper
Linda & Ed Squibb
MJ Grande and Michael Stark
Stephanie Hoag and John Staub
Lynne Stevens
Cindy and Dave Audet
Reed Stoops and Betsy Brenneman
Theresa Svancara and Jeff Sauer
Michelle Sydeman
Ann Symons
Joe Ver
Kathi Wineman
Wendy Wolf and John Osborne
Dawn Wolfe and Bob Janes
David Woodie
Tom Melville
Judy and Jay Crondahl
Tamar Green
Jacqueline Dailey and Kenneth Cesar
Jane Terzis and Doug Larson
Shari and Hugh Grant
In Memory of Lisle Hebert
Pete and Mary-Claire Bernstein
Lorrie Heagy
An artist who has received support from JAHC
Sioux and Paul Douglas
Sheri and Ray Vidic
Pam Halloran
Amy Skilbred and Eric Jorgensen
Joan Pardes and Doug Sturm
Joyce Landingham
Beverly Ingram and Steve Wolf
Madeleine Lefebvre and Dave Dierdorff
Rick Harris and Pat Tynan
Ms. Sally Bibb
Patricia Ware & George Buhite
Victor and Lee Carlson
The DeCherney Family
Dick Monkman and Tina Kobayashi
Ren DeCherney
Lupita and Bruce Botelho
Sherri von Wolfe
Ted and Lucy Merrell
Mary-Claire Harris
Mary McCafferty
Race - Arness Family
Dianne Anderson and Mark Vinsel
Virginia Palmer
In Memory of Av Gross
Mary Pat Schilly and John Sisk
Anne Fuller & Michael Sakarias
Jim and Katharine Heumann
Donna M. Knight-Staton
John and Dawn Walsh
Joyce Thoresen
Debi Ballam and Mark Schwan
Laurie Sica
Margo Waring
Andi and Mike Story
Peggy Cowan
David and Kristen Miller
Hali Denton
Sandy Burd
Doug Weaver
Tom Paul and Janice Caulfield
Steve Behnke and Larri Irene Spengler
John and Heidi Boucher
Emily Klimek
Cindy and John Gaguine
Patty and John George
Michelle Kissling and Steve Lewis
Sylvia Kreel
Susan Nachtigal and Franz Mueter
Kathy Hamblett
Pat White & Mike Tobin
Saralyn Tabachnick
Susan and Jeff Sloss
Mike Heumann
Frank and Janie Homan
Roblin and Elizabeth Davis
Deanna Lampe
Mary Riggen
Sherrie Chrysler and Dale Lanegan
Anthony and Mandy Mallott
Missouri Smyth
Ariel Rolfe
John Osborne
Kate Bowns
Sharon Gaiptman and Peter Freer
Rev. Bobby Lewis
David Hurley
Jeff Brown
Karen Crane and Dan Fruits
Jim Simard and Shar Fox
John and Laura Haywood
Eric Kueffner
Pua Maunu
Mary Watson
Susan Jabal & Steve SueWing
Rick and Annie Caulfield
Kim Garnero and Dan Rounsley
Jerry Nankervis
Charlotte Fox
Duff Mitchell
Sara Bornstein
Rebecca Dierking
Jerry Smetzer
Dave and Valerie Ringle
Joan Wilkerson
Kirk Stagg
Kathy Fanning
Zane Jones
Jon and Anne Kurland
Joann Flora and Bob Bloom
Julie Kristin North
Annie Calkins and Dave Hunsaker
Kris Benson
Boily/Lewis Family
Kathy Kartchner
John and Judy Neary
Cheryl and Darren Snyder
Ruth Kostik
Barbara Potter
Kelly and Mary Tonsmeire
Celinda Lake
Alan and Manamaya Akiyama
Tom, Eva, Sara, and Sam Bornstein
Harriet T. Botelho
Rebecca Hall
Jeff Bush
Bing Carrillo
Annie and Bud Carpeneti
Nancy Collinsworth
Cathy Connor and Rod Flynn
Julie York Coppens
Diana Cote
Kent and Jenny Dawson
Lynette Ensor
A.J. and Jessica Gharrett
Marla Berg and John Greely
Susi and Jim Fowler
Karleen Grummett
Jack and Molly Hodges
Dr. Emily Kane
Pat McLear and Kim Kiefer
Bob King and Sally Schlichting
Andy Kline
Amy and Stan Lujan
Marjorie Menzi and Bill Heumann
Mark and Esther Millea
Tracey Miller and Van Sundberg
Karen Mitchell
Jean Overstreet
John Pivar and Bonita Rohla
John and Margaret Pugh
Jim & Sara Radke Brown
Linda and Paul Rosenthal
Rothaus - Stanley Family
Jan Rutherdale
Artemio Sandoval
Phil and Deborah Smith
Theresa Tavel
Paula Terrel and Dick Hoffman
Therese Thibodeau
Margie Thomson and Jane Edwards
Fran Ulmer
Pamela Watts
Alex and Peggy Wertheimer
Ral West and John Hardwick
Larry and Sue Cotter
Tom Meyer
John and Marian Clough
David Fisk and Jennifer Davey
Joann Eng and Dan Hellinger
Terry Cramer
Bruce and Catherine Johnson
Linda Kruger
Barbara and Craig Lindh
Elfrida Nord
Art Peterson
Sally Smith
Mimi Boochever Mendenica
William Ray
Michael Hutter
Randy and Julie Oppenheimer
Norton Gregory
Connie Hulbert
Beth Weldon
Elaine Hopson
Patricia Hull
Catherine Buley
Daryle Hamlin
John Roxburgh and George W. Lee
Merry Gilbertson and Larry Frank
Molly Rogers
Inge Aldersebaes and Tim Speath
Chuck and Martha Becker
Janet Eckholm
Nila Treston
Karen Wells
Mary Capobianco
Ann Turner Olson and Marlyn Olson
Joe and Corine Geldhof
Barb and Ron Kreher
Sudie Burnham
Peter Jurasz and Andrea Watts
Rachelle Bonnett
Joan Brown
Bruce and Judith Morley
Joyanne Bloom
In Memory of Jenna Swanson
Laurie Gasparek
Carl and Sue Schrader
Jeanette Purcell
Heather Mitchell
John Wilson
Eric Scott
Debra O’Gara
Margeaux Ljungberg
Lon and Litia Garrison
Gail Sieberts
Joe Nelson
Kelsey Hagan
Deborah Rudis
Collette Costa
Meghan and Lucas Chambers
Amanda Filori
Melanie White
Joel Bennett
Debra Reed
Pam and Dave Marquez
Julia Smith-Kibby
Benjamin Brown and Nicholas DeHart
Don and Chris Thomas
Garret Gladsjo
Vidy Murthy
Nancy and Phillip Mundy
Patricia M Harris
Lawson Narr Lair
Alice and Sean Edwards
Doug and Anne Standerwick
Lisa Arehart
Jane and Richard Stokes
Anne Sutton and Gordon Sandy
Richard Carpeneti
Chrystal Brand, in memory of Larry Sommers
Rick Edwards
Mary Richey
Adele Davis
Robin Domin
Joanne Conn
Nathan Leigh
Britten Burkhouse
Mark Ryan
Joanne Ryan
Julie Sanbei
Ashley Heimbigner
Justin Parish
Robyn Alvis
John and Laura Doogan
Caroline Shivers
Lori Ortiz
Ellen Canapary
Martha Penrose
Phyllis Rasmussen
Matthew Claman
Doug Pegues
Robert Rogers
Bart Watson
Bonnie Elder
Lena & Nelson Merrell
Barbara Nielsen
Diane Rogers
Sara Willson
Robert and Pat Clasby
Gary and Margaret Hedges
Nils and Lynnette Dihle
In Memory of Chia-Yi Wu
Cindy Hartmann Moore
Joan York and Family
Scott and Marilyn McCall
Doug and Lynda Boose
Jerry and Lynn Cox
Michael Stehlin and Family
Emily Laskin
Allison McSwain
Lee Coleman
James Houck
Peter Anderson
Michael Hills
Peter Slatin
Julie Willoughby
William Ransom
Tayler Jarvis
Jennifer Garrett
Omar Cordes
Christine Leghorn
Barbara Schaffer
Carlton Heine
Jerry and Robin Bowe Schaffer
Andrea and David Wood
Bart and Julie Koehler
The Haygood Family
Ladd Coates
In Memory of Anne M. Miller
Marsha Gladhart
Mary Epler
Alan DeCherney
Kimberly Maxwell
Timothy Banaszak
Toi Gile
Jane Mores
Greg Smith
Amy Pinney
Judy Brakel and Gregory Streveler
Robert and Rita Moore
Laura Wallrath
Richard Wheelock and Linda Sandman
Alex Kramarcziek
Ken Huse
Daniel Cornwall
Julie Niederhauser
Bill Church
Theresa and Kevin Miller
Zachary Brown
Mark Poplis
Rebecca Miller
Jennifer Quinto
Susan Sauerteig
Bruce & Laury Scandling
The Sauerteig Family
Melissa Robinson
David and Martha Dantzic
Azure Briggs
Karsten Sierra
Karen Rohter
Trista Anderson
Timothy Calkins
Eustace Johnson
Tim Maguire
Allison Caputo
Haila Schultz
Lorna Dickinson
Susan Elliott
Petra Vallila-Buchman
Ken Hill
Leah Krafft
K Hamblin
Chelsea Gagnon
Mona Mametsuka
Becky Best
Alberta J. Jones
Randolph Bayliss
Nila Leigh
Heather Ridgeway
Kelly Reed
Nancy L. Jones
Susan J. Brook
Marlene Cesar
Tim and Carrie Smith
Mia Waid
Cagney Davis
Ken Smith
In Loving Memory of Kathryn Shelton
Janet & Frank Thrower
Daniel Kenkel & Virginia Jacobs
Randy Ruehl
Mike Oxlong
Brett Hutchinson
Jack Petersen
Mark Kiessling
Richard Steele
Brett Worden
Stephen Mattson
Aaron Morrison
Andi Roo
Siena Farr
Scott and Patricia Hartman
Keegan Hull
Edgar Bera
Aaron Hull
Finley Dean
Jen Winkelman
John Kearn
Odin Snow
John Day-Richter
Joe Byrnes
Bruce & Cora Brunette
Sharolyn Maunu
Victor and Ruth Banaszak
Tamara Van Wyhe
Rose Lawhorne
Grier Hopkins
Amos Kittow
D.C. Hewko
Friends from the Child Protection Section (Laura Hartz, Margaret Thomas, Yvette Hardney, and Carla Erickson)
Molly McCafferty
Phyllis Pearce, in honor of Jan Rutherdale
Leslie Houston & Michael Young
In Honor of Mike Blackwell
Jack and Jill Griffin
Jane Angvik & Vic Fischer
Heather Arnett
Roger DuBrock & Elaine Andrews
Tom Amodio & Debra Fitzgerald
Jake Metcalfe & Moira Smith
Lori Rothman
The Smith Family, In Memory of Betty J. Smith
Mary & Jack Manning
Peter & Jo Michalski
Gail McDonough
Jim, Ellen, and Russell Martin
Catherine & Ernest Mendoza
Tom Griffith
Julie Morris
Mary Stanfield Bradley
Susan Phillips
Julie B
Shannon Kent
Jessy Post
In Memory of Sally Short, an English girl who struck out around the world but got sidetracked with a carpenter and spent 50 years in Alaska

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