There are multiple levels for recognition in the New JACC.

Singular recognition and naming opportunities are offered at the following levels:

$10 million

The New JACC Facility


$3 million

Community Hall

Performing Arts Theater


$1.5 million

Art Gallery

Event Studio

Theater Stage


$1 million




Green Room

Scene Shop

Seminar Room

Gift Shop (NAMED)




Arts Council (JAHC) Office Suite

Orchestra Pit

Sound Studio

2nd Floor Lounge

Patio/Sunroom (NAMED)

Theater Orchestra Section


Dressing Room (3) (ONE NAMED)

Theater Balcony Section



Fireplace Sitting Room (NAMED)

Theater Mezzanine Section

Atrium Stage (NAMED)



Office Suite (6) in Non-Profit Wing (ONE NAMED)

2nd Floor Meeting Room (NAMED)

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