Why we are building the New Juneau Arts & Culture Center (JACC)

Dramatically framed by the mountains and the sea, the New Juneau Arts and Culture Center will become the focal point for individual and communal artistic expression in the Capital City.

Creativity and artistic expression are at the very core of Juneau’s essence. Starting with Native people who settled here thousands of years ago and continuing to the present, we are an expressive, multifaceted, diverse community, stirred to create and connect through our music, dance, plays, exhibits, stories and art.

Perhaps it’s our stunning landscape that inspires us. Or maybe the long winters are behind our need for self-expression. Whatever the reason, we feel a visceral need to create and then experience those creations collectively. Juneau deserves a focal point for this artistic expression. We have longed for a physical touchstone for decades, and now, finally, the ideal time to build such a place is here.

The New Juneau Arts and Culture Center will be a “must-see” experience for visitors from around the world – currently one million annually – and a great source of civic pride. The Center will dramatically enhance Juneau’s reputation as Alaska’s state capital and premier cultural center. More importantly, the Center will be the heart and soul of our community, a place for all Juneau’s people to exhibit, perform and share our experiences.

Our Heart, Our Soul, Our Spirit


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