Community hall.

This space is the replacement for the “Main Hall” in the current JACC and will be the venue for the wide variety of community events, such as:

  • Celebrations (weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, memorials)
  • Markets (Public Market, Food Festival) • Trade shows (Alaska Tourism Industry, Health Fair)
  • Banquets (Glacier Swim Team, Junior Little League)
  • Fundraising events (Capital Brewfest, Who’s Your Diva)
  • Concerts (Juneau Jazz & Classics, Juneau Symphony, Juneau Lyric Opera)
  • Recitals (Juneau String Ensembles, JAMM)
  • Dances (Alaska Folk Fest, Juneau Ballroom Dances)
  • Workshops (Twig Furniture making, Marimbas, Puppets)
  • Games (Miniature Golf, Roller Skating)
  • Plays and Musicals (Juneau Douglas Little Theater’s 24 Hour Miracle, Theater at Latitude 58 )

This large hall will be 5000 square feet and will have storage areas and Seminar Room nearby as well as a kitchen to be used for catering and craft services.


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