What and where is it?

This landmark arts center will be a place devoted to live performance, exhibits, gatherings, celebrations, work and creativity. Using the working name New Juneau Arts and Culture Center (New JACC), the new venue will attach to the existing Juneau Arts and Culture Center (JACC) venue and provide theater and gallery space, meeting rooms, offices for arts and cultural groups as well as a café.  Near the Walter Soboleff Center, the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall and the State Libraries, Archives and Museum (SLAM) building, it will house the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council (the Council), Juneau Jazz and Classics and be a hub for art of all genres in Juneau.

The New Juneau Arts and Culture Center will be:

  • Inclusive – Welcoming and accessible to all artists, arts and cultural organizations, residents and those visiting our community.
  • Sustainable – Economically viable and culturally successful for generations.
  • Collaborative – Fostering community connections and inspiring artistic collaborations and creative cross-pollination, complementing other cultural arts ‘anchors’ while standing uniquely on its own.
  • Modern, inviting, and ‘Alaskan’ – Approachable and comfortable, complementing the people, culture,  location, and  climate of the community.
  • Hosting world class touring performances, community and educational events, workshops and celebrations.
  • Functional – Meeting the intended needs of each space and complementary with other uses.

Who pays for it?

The facility will be built, owned, and operated by the Council, on land leased from the city, similar to the arrangements for the Dimond Park Field House and Zach Gordon Youth Center. Operating costs will be covered through ticket sales, rental fees, educational programming, concessions, and fundraising.


The new venue is currently in pre-development. Information has been gathered from the community and analyzed. More community involvement is occurring as design evolves. The goal is to break ground by 2021 and to celebrate at a grand opening 18 months to 2 years later.

Feasibility Study

The report was prepared by The McDowell Group in November. You can read either the Executive Summary or the full report here.

The New Juneau Arts and Culture Center team,

Bob Banghart
Executive Director, New JACC
907. 586.2524

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