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Capital Campaign Committee Fundraiser

Seven members of the Capital Campaign Committee traveled to LA (at their own expense) to host a gala friend and fund raising event on May 18, in the lovely home of Jennifer Fate Velaise. Jennifer, a Doyon board member originally from Rampart, lived in Juneau for two years and loves the capital city — as does Bridget Baker, another Angelino, who was born in Juneau and maintains close ties and affection for Alaska. Emily Laskin, the Advisor for the CCC, was also a huge sponsor of the reception, which around 48 people attended.

CCC member John Clough was the MC and David Keltner from Hacker gave a riveting presentation about the New JACC, its history, our plans and the design for the new Center. Everyone sampled smoked king salmon thanks to Bonny Millard, Alaskan Amber thanks to Dave Hunsaker and Emily Laskin, and Candied Smoked Salmon ice cream and Rhubarb Sorbet, thanks to Marc Wheeler at Coppa. Everyone left with a deck of Trickster playing cards, thanks to Rico Worl.

Here are a few photos of a memorable evening.