The New JACC is a much-needed, shovel-ready project that will contribute greatly to the quality of life and economic health of Alaska's Capital City ~ a public-private partnership to serve Juneau's year-round residents and millions of visitors, welcoming, inspiring, and delighting them while contributing to a robust Juneau economy.

We hope you will learn more about the New JACC project here at our website, and join us in supporting the project.


The New JACC
Fundraising Goal is
We're 21% of the way there!

The Partnership is a
501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Taxpayer identification No. 46-4451460

Checks may be sent to:
The Partnership, Inc.
350 Whittier Street, Suite 100
Juneau, Alaska   99801


Stay Tuned -- Campaign Launches Soon!

Watch and see why people are excited about the New JACC:

Young people will benefit greatly from the New JACC:

Becky Janes, Beth Weldon, Bruce and Judy Morley, and Forrest Kobayashi:

Deb Rudis, Linda Rosenthal, and Enrique Bravo about the New JACC:

Sherry Patterson, Jeff Duvernay, and Richard Peterson:

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