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NewJACC Conceptual Design Complete!

The Conceptual Design of the NewJACC has been completed! The Design Team is moving forward to the Schematic Design phase. What, you might ask, is a Schematic Design? Once the owner and the architects have an approved program (a list of elements desired in the project) and a concept for the project, the Schematic Design synthesizes the program into a defined, feasible design. The design is shown in the form of Schematic Drawings, including all significant areas of supporting design and will be reviewed with the client before proceeding with more detailed drawings. A preliminary cost estimate is also usually provided at this stage. This phase includes the following:

  • Preliminary building floor plans and elevations to determine space dimensions, areas,
  • and volumes; sketches and site plans showing circulation, uses, and relationships of spaces.
  • Room layout
  • Preliminary material choices.
  • Preliminary landscape concepts.
  • Preliminary outdoor area layout
  • Study model, if appropriate.
  • Preliminary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs.
  • Preliminary civil engineering questions (paving, grading, drainage, etc.) and structural engineering questions (structural system, soils, etc.).
  • Coordination with engineering, landscape, and other consultants as necessary (structural, mechanical, electrical, landscape, civil engineers, etc.).
  • Code research and coordination with regulating agencies (licensing, building department, planning department, etc.).
  • Preliminary cost estimate.
  • Review and revise with owner

We look forward to what we will learn in this phase – what issues may come up and what the cost estimate looks like at the conclusion.  Timeframe?  This fall.  Stay tuned for more information as we learn more. 





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